Au revoir to long lunch

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Au revoir to long lunch
Au revoir to long lunch as French tighten belts
Comprehension check

1. Fill the gaps using these key words from the text

traditionskip aperitif baguette discount bankruptcy trade union go bust consumer dessert
  1. __________________ is a situation in which a company formally admits it has no money and cannot pay what it owes.
  2. __________________ is the sweet food that you eat after the main course.
  3. If you __________________ a meal, you avoid having it.
  4. A __________________ is someone who buys and uses goods and services.
  5. A __________________ is a long, thin loaf of bread made in the French style.
  6. A __________________ is a reduction in the price of something.
  7. An __________________ is an alcoholic drink that is drunk before a meal.
  8. A __________________ is a very old custom.
  9. To __________________ is an informal way of saying to go bankrupt.
  10. A __________________ is an organization that aims to improve pay and conditions of work.

2. Look in the text and find this information as quickly as possible

  1. How many French restaurants, cafés and bars went bust in the first three months of 2008?
  2. What was the average time people spent on restaurant meals in France in 1975?
  3. What was the average time people spent on restaurant meals in France in 2005?
  4. What is the percentage increase in restaurants going bankrupt compared to last year?
  5. What has the fall in the percentage of restaurant customers been since the start of 2008?
  6. What was the percentage loss of business in French holiday destinations?



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