UN says eat less meat

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UN says eat less meat
Comprehension check
UN says eat less meat to curb global warming

1. Key words

Fill the gaps in the sentences using these key words from the text
emission guidelines benefit  regulate reduce
  1. An ____________________ is a substance, especially a gas, which goes into the air.
  2. If you ____________________ something, you make it smaller or less in size or amount.
  3.  ____________________ is something positive you get from a particular situation.
  4.  ____________________ idea treats something in a way that makes it seem simpler than it really is.
  5. ____________________ are official instructions or advice about how to do something.
  6. If two or more ideas are ____________________, they disagree with each other and cannot both or all be true.
  7. An animal’s ____________________ is the place it normally lives.
  8. If a government decides to ____________________ something, it controls it by making rules or laws.
  9. ___________________ is the collective word for animals such as cows, sheep and pigs that are kept on farms.
  10. ____________________ is the process of eating or drinking something.

2. Find the information

Look in the text and find the answers to these questions as quickly as possible.

  1. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization what percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions is roduced by meat production?
  2. How much meat protein does the average person in the UK eat each day?
  3. How much is UK meat consumption more than WHO guidelines?
  4. Which is the more effective global warming agent – methane or carbon dioxide?
  5. By what percentage does Compassion in World Farming want to reduce meat consumption by 2020?
  6. What percentage of UK emissions is produced by livestock?


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