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Учимся дистанционно - International Hospitality Management

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Учимся дистанционно
International Hospitality Management


International Hospitality Management

The Master’s programme seeks to develop students’ critical analytic skills and foster their creativity so that they are able to respond effectively to key challenges facing the industry in the 21st century.

The Рrogramme

The key themes of the programme include: human resources and the management of cultural diversity, strategic management and internationalization. Graduates will be equipped with a range of skills to deal with trends and changes in the sector such as the growth of IT, new business practices and increasingly competitive market place. There is a focus on research methods that assists students in the development of their major piece of independent study.

The Diploma

The MA in International Hospitality Management is awarded by SHMS’s academic partner, the University of Derby, a leading university in the UK in the domains of tourism and hospitality.  SHMS graduates gain a highly esteemed UK qualification studied at a Swiss Hotel Management School with a worldwide reputation for expertise in hospitality and tourism.

Work Based Consultancy

The purpose of this module is to allow students to relate their studies to the rapidly changing and developing world of work. This is essential given that many will be operating at a Middle or Higher Managerial level on completion of their studies or directly involved in making strategic decisions on recruitment, retention and remuneration policies in the course of their working lives. At the same time students will need to illustrate that they are able to analyse often complex data from a variety of sources, and to receive the views from colleagues at all levels, to produce recommendations for Directors and Boards of what needs to be undertaken in order to give successful change and progress.

Market Innovations

The market is increasingly sophisticated, but post modern, and so increased knowledge on the part of the consumer and supplier demands higher levels of practical skills in designing research, and developing business plans. The evaluation of scenarios, with the factoring of externalities, requires a complex set of modelling to identify product and service design integrity. Increasingly important to the service industries is the integrated model of strategic management that incorporates the need for planning, action and review in response to the potential range of change, adaptations and service developments and enhancements. This module is designed to apply business research skills to the practical management focus demanded by organisations.


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