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Media Tours
Media Tours involve multiple sites and a number of media outlets

Media Tours

An alternative to the news conference, which is held in one location, is the media tour. This involves multiple sites and a number of media outlets throughout the region or the nation. There are three kinds of media tours, which range from interviews on talk shows to visiting editors at their place of work.

Local Talk Shows and Newspapers. In many cases, the spokesperson for an organization is on a media tour and is booked on local shows in a number of cities, the publicist will try to book local print media.

Business and Trade Press. The second kind of tour has a longer range in terms of results. An organization's officials make calls on publications that reach important audiences that can invest in the company or purchase the product or service. In this case, the news conference comes to the publication.

It would be very difficult to get representatives from national business and trade publications to visit the offices of a small company. Yet by taking the president, the director of public relations, and perhaps the chief financial officer to the publication, it is possible to arrange for a one-on-one news conference with the publication's principal editors.

Regular background briefings of the business and trade press may not result in immediate publicity, but they can build relationships that will pay dividends in the future.

Satellite Media Tours A media tour doesn't have to involve long plane trips, countless nights in hotel rooms, and rented cars in unfamiliar cities, in fact, you needn't leave home at all.

Satellite media tours are becoming increasingly commonplace. Not only is a satellite media tour cost-effective, but one can be set up with a minimum of preparation time. When Hurricane Hugo hit Jamaica in 1989, the nation's tourism industry had the problem of reassuring prospective vacationers that the island's resort had suffered only minor damage. Consequently, Jamaica minister of tourism went in a satellite media tour to be interviewed by travel editors and TV talk show hosts.


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