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The major attribute leading to success in this endeavor is perseverance


Op-ed articles should be submitted to the editor of a newspaper. The writer should provide sufficient biographical data so that the editor will have some basis for judging the author's credentials.

For example, who has better credentials for writing an article on the need for better child care facilities than the mother and/or father of preschool children? And an article on government (or banking) bureaucratic red tape could gain impact when written by a victim of such practices.

Most local newspapers accept essays by outside writers, especially local residents. In addition, more and more magazines are using "opinion-type" articles.

Newspaper editors will usually take a couple of weeks to accept or reject an article. Submit an SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) if you wish to receive a reply. If your article is used, the headline writer will give it a catchier title when it's published, and the editor may make some light changes and adjust the length (usually by deleting paragraphs).

Don't query the editor on whether the paper would be interested. Undoubtedly he or she will say, "Send it in and we'll take a look at it".


With a little thought, writers should be able to identify many opportunities to use op-ed articles. Here are some examples.

  • Write an article on something that you are more expert on than anyone else, sharing with us something we don't already know. For example, where does a computer software expert get ideas for new programs?
  •  If you have just completed some detailed research that sheds new light on a problem, write it up for the "lay" public.
  • If you belong to an organization and want to advance its cause, give us reasons why we should share your views or objectives.
  • A well-written, sensitive piece on any subject will be accepted over the flood of stuff that editors receive after a major event.

The major attribute leading to success in this endeavor is perseverance. If an article is not accepted by one paper, rewrite the article and submit it to a paper that turned it down before. Shorten a long article and submit it again. If one subject doesn't work, shift to another.

Trade editors like these articles because highly credible people discuss important issues and trends in the industry. At the same time, the author and company get recognition. Again, op-ed articles are a means and not an end. The ultimate objective is to position the organization as a leader in the field.


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