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tail between one's legs
take a shine to
take in
take it easy
take off
take off
take on
take out
take over
take the rap
take the words out of one's mouth
take to
take to the cleaners
take up
talk back
talk down
talk into
talk out
tell off
tell it to Sweeny, tell your story to marines
there's no sun shine come through one's ass
the score
think over
think piece
think up
throw a curve
throw to the wolves
throw up
throw up one's hands
tie down
tie in
tied to the mother's apron strings
tie one's hand
tie up
time off
to a man
to and fro
to а Т
to boot
to date
to death
Tom, Dick, and Harry
tone down
to no avail/of no avail
top banana
to scale
toss off
to the bone
tough cat
tripped out
tug of war
tune up
turn in
turn off
turn on
turn one's head
turn one's stomach
turn out
turn over
turn thumbs down
two bits


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