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Hotel Front Office Management

Автор: James A. Bardi
Издательство: Wiley; 3 edition (September 10, 2002)

Hotel Front Office Management, 3-rd Edition, is an invaluable book for those interested in learning more about the hotel’s front office. It contains new sections on the use of technology in the front office, the complete guide to running a hotel front office. Hotel Front Office Management uses a human resources approach to cover the unique management and operational challenges in the front offices of today’s hotels and lodging facilities. This Third Edition continues its emphasis on applying theory and management strategies, as well as providing new material on technology’s role in the modernized front office.

Material is logically presented in the order of operations: an overview of lodging hospitality, a tour of the front office, a review of the guest cycle, and an analysis of guest services. Practical features of this new edition include:

A new chapter on property management systems to address industry-wide changes

Practical case study problems in each chapter

Commentaries from hotel front office managers, general managers, and other department managers

Articles on the international hotel work force. Additional case studies for applying theory and developing problem-solving strategies



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