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Test your English
Test Your Professional English - Business
Vocabulary for Computers and IT
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Test Your Professional English: Secretarial

Автор: Alison Pohl
Издательство: Longman

Один из "учебников тестов" популярной серии "Test Your..." - предназначен для офисных работников.

Книга содержит 60 тестов и ответы к ним.

This text gives students of English for professional purposes over 500 words and expressions to refer to. It can be used for self-study or in-class. An answer key is provided.

The book is organised into 8 sections and covers over 500 key words and expressions in areas such as the office environment, telephoning, the latest technology, meetings, handling visitors, written communication, and money matters.

  • Wide variety of tests, including crosswords, cartoons, fill-the-gaps, and many more
  • Tips on using English for work
  • A-Z word list and full answer key
  • Ideal for self-study and classroom use 


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