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PR-People and Journalists
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1) Find the English equivalents in the text. Use them in sentences of your own

  1. в какой-то степени
  2. в принципе
  3. вследствие ч.-л.
  4. футболка
  5. кружка
  6. оценить
  7. возможная реакция
  8. плохо написанный
  9. не содержать новостей
  10. неудивительно
  11. коммерческая реклама
  12. быть предназначенным для ч.-л.

2) Find the words in the text which describe or mean the following

  1. a trick or smth unusual that you do to make people notice someone or something –
  2. disagreement or angry feelings between people -
  3. something that you are given free, usually something small and not expensive -
  4. very similar to smth. -
  5. insulting and disapproving -

3) Translate the following sentences into Russian

  1. Pay is a continuing source of friction with the workers.
  2. Psychologists will assess the child's behavior.
  3. He disdains New York and the art that is produced there.
  4. I resented having to work such long hours.
  5. At that time, the state law forbade the teaching of evolution.

4) Match the words which are close in their meaning

due to  
owing to

5) Match the words having the opposite meaning

forbid sender
recipient minority
majority allow

6) Insert prepositions, where necessary

by; in; of; of; in; to; from

  1. Journalists   also   resent____the   use____gimmicks ____sending materials____the news media.
  2. Due____protests____the public relations community, the Wall Street Journal has now adopted a policy that forbids the use____the word "flack"____reporters____their stories.
  3. Many other newspapers have not followed____suit.

7)  Complete the following sentences from the text and translate them into Russian

  1. Unfortunately, many other newspapers___________________________________.
  2. These gimmicks are meant    ___________________________________________.
  3. The relationship between public relations and the media ____________________.

8) Make up a few sentences with the following words

  • commercial advertisements
  • to follow suit
  • to refer to smth.
  • to assess
  • friction

9) Agree or disagree?

The relationship between public relations and the media is based on mutual coop¬eration, trust and respect

  • Make sure to use the following expressions:
  • It's all very well to say but...
  • It's not as easy as all that...
  • Yes, but look, that would mean...
  • Yes, but on the other hand...
  • Let's be realistic about this...

10) Can you explain the following

  1. Unfortunately, many other newspapers have not followed suit.
  2. These gimmicks are meant simply to separate the news release or press kit from the stack on the recipients desk.

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