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    Что такое Лимерик - читаем на страничке нашего сайта про Лимерики или чепуху по английски

     А вот и сами лимерики. Знакомьтесь

    There once was an old man of Esser,
    Whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser,
    It at last grew so small
    He knew nothing at all,
    And now he's a college professor.

    There once was a lady, Ilene,
    Who liver on distilled kerosene,
    But she started absorbin'
    A new hydrocarbon
    and since then she'd never benzene

    There once was a lady from Hyde,
    Who ate a green apple and died,
    While her lover lamented,
    The apple fermented,
    and made cider inside her inside.

    there was a young lady one fall
    Who wore a newspaper dress to a ball.
    The dress caught fire
    And burned her entire
    Front page, sporting section and all.

    There was an old man of Philly,
    Who was hooked on the movie Free Willy.
    He quit his job at the jail,
    for a dolphin and whale,
    And so was the life of Wee Willy.

    A mouse in her room woke Miss Doud
    Who was frightened and screamed very loud
    Then a happy thought hit her
    To scare off the critter
    She sat up in bed and just meowed

    There once was a old man from Norway -
    who cussed as he sat in a doorway-
    the door smacked him flat-
    and he yelled "what was that"?
    that disgruntled old man from Norway!

    There was a fat turkey named Sam,
    Who gobbled whenever he ran.
    He came out of the bush,
    Presenting his tush,
    And was shot up the arse by a man.

    There once was a kid named Darren
    Who's room was surprisingly barren
    He had no toys
    Like all normal boys
    But he did believe in sharing

    There was a young lady from Niger,
    Who smiled as she rode on a tiger.
    After the ride
    She was inside,
    And the smile was on the face of the tiger



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