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Bridging distance through telegraphy

Transatlantic telegraphy

International, submarine telegraphy began in 1850 with a line between Britain and France.

The transistor turns sixty

The transistor was described as "an abbreviated combination of the words transconductance (or transfer) and varistor

Start of satellite communications

In 1962, British music producer Joe Meek was inspired to compose a tune named “Telstar.” But who made it into a hit record?

The first satellite dish

Where is there an important satellite dish known as Arthur?

The Enchantress of Numbers

Who forms the link between poetry, programming, and the computer patriarch Charles Babbage?


Telegraphy and television

If things had happened differently, we might now be watching the screens of “electrical telescopes” in our living rooms.

Sending out an SOS

How a famous disaster spurred agreement on international rules

Remote writing

When the typewriter was first patented?

Precursors of programming

Inputting information into machines in binary form (on or off) is not new.

Pictures via a pendulum

Remotely printed paper messages still have many uses, and have done for more than 150 years.

Making a difference

When was the computer invented?

Harnessing the storm

150 years ago this July, a scientist was born in the Balkans at the stroke of midnight during a thunderstorm. He ended his career working on a “death ray.” Who was he?

Gutta percha

Wonder material of the mid-19th century

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