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В разделе "Reading - материалы для чтения" для вас собраны материалы из оригинальных английских и американских журналов и газет. Основные тематики раздела – Телевидение, Кино, Менеджмент, PR, Журналистика, Бизнес, Телекоммуникации, Путешествия.

Pictures via a pendulum

Remotely printed paper messages still have many uses, and have done for more than 150 years.

Making a difference

When was the computer invented?

Harnessing the storm

150 years ago this July, a scientist was born in the Balkans at the stroke of midnight during a thunderstorm. He ended his career working on a “death ray.” Who was he?

Gutta percha

Wonder material of the mid-19th century


From monocle to mirror

How a renowned physicist speeded up telegraphy

From diode to triode

 From Fleming to De Forest

Christmas concert

Inspired by the telephone’s inventor

Counting cards

How modern data processing began

Counting cards

How modern data processing began


Batteries provided

Let me ask you how a frog came between two Italian friends.


10 interview questions

Behind every interview question there is a concern or another question.


You have to Show Off

To Attract Attention, You have to Show Off

Selling to the Bottom Line

Every person who has ever started a business, I imagine, thought he had a good idea. It's the smart person, and the rare person, who tries to find out the most important thing: do other people think it's a good idea?

The Corporate Clown

Everyone dreams of working for themselves at some point in their career. The money, the glory, the control and more are all possible.

Your Business - Questions

When you are trying to choose the best business for yourself, it is easy to get caught up in the belief that what you have been doing, you must continue to do.

Leaders vs. Managers

Leading vs. Managing -- They're Two Different Animals

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