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В разделе "Reading - материалы для чтения" для вас собраны материалы из оригинальных английских и американских журналов и газет. Основные тематики раздела – Телевидение, Кино, Менеджмент, PR, Журналистика, Бизнес, Телекоммуникации, Путешествия.

Watch… Read… Listen… Ask

Creators of animation are so passionate about their ideas they  try to pitch it to just about everyone.

Sport of Negotiating

Negotiating is a sport where both teams can win.


The film editor must know how to tell a story, be politically savvy when working with directors and studio executives, and have a calm and confident demeanor.


Filming the Scene (the Shoot)

The day of the shoot, you walk onto the sound stage (or location) prepared to begin filming. The set has been constructed prior to your arrival by the "swing gang."



No cinematographer or film editor, no matter how gifted, can turn a terrible performance into a great one.


Movie Producing

The film's producer acts as an administrator, communicator, and guide, helping hundreds of people reach a final goal: completing the film on schedule, on budget

Close-Ups and Long Shots

Camera Angles: Close-Ups and Long Shots



The director's vision shapes the look and feel of a film.



Begin by finding out about one of the first steps in the filmmaking process: "Screenwriting."

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