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Тематические уроки английского языка

Тематические уроки английского языкаВ данном разделе мы разместили учебные материалы, готовые планы уроков и рабочие схемы для тех, кто преподает английский язык журналистам и видеоинженерам, режиссерам и художникам, сценаристам и мультипликаторам, телеоператорам и маркетологам, специалистам в области рекламы и информационно-телекоммуникационных технологий. Эти уроки пригодятся всем, кто посещает курсы английского языка или изучает иностранный язык самостоятельно. Дополненные тематическими двуязычными текстами для чтения из соответствующих разделов нашего сайта и оригинальными словарями, эти уроки могут стать отличной основой для освоения профессионального английского языка.

Papers for the Press

Position Papers,  Backgrounders & Press Kits


Media Advisories

 They tell reporters and editors about five W's and one H - who, what, when, where, why, and how


Pitch Letters

To do their job, reporters and editors need a continual supply of news tips and background materials

During a crisis

The key to successful dealings with the media during a crisis is to become a credible source of information.


Crisis Communications

A good working relationship with the media is severely tested in times of crisis.


Media Etiquette

A failure to observe the following points often leads to poor media relations

Effective Media Relations

A good working relationship with the media is vital for a public relations writer.

Tabloid Journalism

Newspapers and broadcast shows are not all alike, and the level of commitment to journalistic standards ranges from wholehearted to nonexistent.

Sloppy Reporting

A last year survey found that 83 percent of the public relations directors thought that sloppiness on the part of reporters was the major reason for inaccurate stories.


Испанский язык в ритмах фламенко

Говорят, что танец – вот истинный язык народа. В таком случае, изучая испанский язык, Вам не обойтись без фламенко! И, возможно, для начала, неплохо отправиться на родину этого волшебного танца,


PR Dependance on the Media

The purpose of public relations is to inform, shape opinions and attitudes, and motivate. This can be accomplished only if people receive messages constantly and consistently.

Media & Public Relations

Public relations people work with the media in many ways. They have to know how to prepare for press interviews, organize a news conference, conduct a media tour, and write such materials as fact sheets, press kits, and op-ed articles.

Life through a lens

Life through a lens: How Britain’s children eat, sleep and breathe TV


Advertising as business

Advertising is the business of drawing public attention to goods and services. It is an important part of a promotional mix that also includes...

The Big Lie

In this story there are no heroes or villains, just people who believe they can buy happiness, and advertisers who support this belief.


Viral marketing

Is viral marketing the future of commercial advertising? Or is it too controversial?

Reality Television

Peolpe have been captivated by a new kind of entertainment called "reality television." More than two dozen reality shows are on the air so far, and more are in the works.

TV and Cinema Trivia

Did you know the first TV soap began its run on February 21st, 1947? No? Well, you really need to check out this Lesson – there's plenty more stuff like that.
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